Tahatto is a theatre entity that is run by 5 individuals from Bangalore with varied interests and experience levels in theatre. Started 7 years ago, on a whim, Tahatto is slowly, but surely, growing and finding its nook - urban, Indian theatre that is entertaining and relevant. Today, Tahatto has the making of a self-sufficient theatre brand, with in-house expertise across domains, including writing, directing, production, design, light & sound and marketing & publicity.

Phew. Now that we're done with the grown-up talk. Truth is, there's nothing we love better than theatre - both watching and being part of it. And if that isn't convincing enough, nothing else is.

Our Story

Think of it like a Sergio Leone western (well, because it sounds way more exciting that way). A bunch of 'strangers' have a chance encounter at an inn. Now, typically, there would be an evil gang of outlaws or a corrupt sheriff but here neither exist. Not yet atleast. So the bunch of strangers decide to travel together across the rough terrain to a common destination, in the process working together as a unit and learning life's most valuable lessons. (Ennio Morricone track playing in the background)

What, that could be our story! A few details may have been subtly overplayed. Ok, it wasn't an inn, it was a theatre workshop. And there're no outlaws, daring missions or rough terrains - just lots of earnest hard work, patience and a desire to be part of good-quality theatre productions. And we're still learning valuable lessons, we'll continue to. There. Don't blame us, we're 'complete drama' people anyway.

Meet the Team

Badarivishal KinhalBadarivishal Kinhal

Writer, Actor and Decision maker at Tahatto. Co-wrote Full Meals, our first original play, and has also been part of other productions with various theatre groups both in Bangalore and Germany.

Lakshmi Menon TahattoLakshmi Menon

Tech and Production Head at Tahatto, Lakshmi has been the driving force behind ensuring a production goes through from the writing pads to the stage. Primarily a Light Designer, she has designed and executed light plans for several productions over the last 2 years.

Piyush Agarwal TahattoPiyush Agarwal

Primarily an actor and writer(before going to press), Piyush is the main administrator for Tahatto who manages all our online presence and on-ground coordination along with PR and Corporate-Theatre associations.

Prashanth Nair TahattoPrashanth Nair

Writer and actor, Prashanth is largely involved with the creative output of the Tahatto, from productions to marketing creatives. He has also won the prestigious Hindu MetroPlus Playwright of the Year 2012-13 award and also the Best Writer at the Short+Sweet International Play Festival, two years in a row - 2012 & 2013.

Vikram SridharVikram Sridhar

With the most experience in theatre amongst all the core members, Vikram has previously acted and worked with various companies. At Tahatto, he is also the main point of contact when it comes to marketing, publicity and visibility of all Tahatto projects.

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