Fade Into Red – Dramatized Book Reading

Theatre group Tahatto presents a dramatized reading of “Fade Into Red” by Reshma Krishnan.

Book Reading Fade In Red by Tahatto

Book Reading Fade In Red by Tahatto

Fade Into Red is a multicultural women’s fiction novel based in Tuscany and Mumbai. Ayra Krishnamurthy is a dusky, slightly neurotic, convent educated, pretty girl’s sidekick that always wanted to be an Art Historian. At twenty, she saw her self flitting between galleries and calling out ‘Going thrice!’ to high maintenance curators and talking Michelangelo and Dali with glamorous ease. Instead at twenty-nine,life has conspired to make her an underpaid investment banker in Mumbai juggling an eccentric family, a fading career and long -distance relationship that is soon becoming a light-year one. But on one monsoon day in July, she is suddenly sent packing from Mumbai to Tuscany to buy a vineyard for a star client. What should have been a four day trip turns into a two week treasure-hunt that finds her a midst midnight wine deals, dodgy vintners, rolling Tuscan hills and one playboy millionaire who is looking to taste more than just the wine.

Reshma Krishnan Barshikar is the author of Fade Into Red (Random House India), which debuted in the Top 10 Amazon new releases.

She works as a freelancewriter and focus primarily on travel. She contributes regularly to the National Geographic Traveller, India Today Travel Plus, Harper’s Bazaar, The Hindu, The Hindu Business Line, and travel magazines globally.


Meet Retronome – The Band behind Bangalores

Retronome - Bangalore based Band

Retronome – Bangalore based Band

In conversation with Chris Avinash from Retronome on the journey of the Band so far and how they do what they do.

Tell us about yourselves. How was the band formed?

Formed in 2009 – when I was Director of Kyra. The band was formed initially as the house band – we started performing outside of kyra by 2009 end

Tell us about your first gig…and how has the journey been so far.

Our first gig was for the 20th year re-union of the Old Cottonians of the1989 batch! Its been a fun-filled and highly rewarding journey thus far – we’ve played over 250 concerts – for a variety and hue of clientele!

Bangalores is based on an interesting concept of thinning the lines between live music and theater. What made you venture into something like this?

We saw this as a brilliant opportunity to play out to a totally different kind audience in a totally different setting!! The challenge was, as the rest of the band says, to see how Chris could actually shut up and sit down… while other things happened!

Who’s the naughty one, lazy one and the disciplined one of the group?

Naughty – Chris, Sometimes saggy
Lazy – Uday (used to be till he started being part of the faculty of an International school)
Disciplined – All of us – it’s quite an essential thing to be when you’re playing out to corporate audiences almost all the time! Continue reading

Romeo and Juliet – No Strings Attached – Bloggers Special

Special Invite from Puppets

Special Invite from Puppets

What is it?
Your Golden Ticket! Not to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory but indeed to a magical world. The world where imagination knows no bounds and fun never seizes to exist.
Its the world of theatre and you are invited for a special tour. As part of the tour, you will get to meet our Puppets staging the Shakespeare play – “Romeo & Juliet” however not the Shakespeare way…
You will get hold of them while they are on ‘The Run’!
Umm…Running to where?

A Day at the Rehearsal

This is a guest post by Swati Singh – a big fan of theatre, movies, songs, soaps, funny videos…basically an entertainment junkie!

I am a huge fan of movies, dance, drama, plays and anything of the sort. Some could say I just like to sit and watch other people do all the work. I say I am a sucker for good storytelling. What I have always been intrigued about, though, is what happens backstage and all the work that goes into creating a play. I mean, I was involved with the Drama Society at school but that isn’t what the real thing is like, now is it? So when my friend invited me to the rehearsal run of Tahatto’s upcoming play, Romeo and Juliet – no strings attached, my happiness knew no bounds! Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating but I did jump at the idea and agreed to it before he could change his mind and, hence, began my little journey to the world of rehearsals, chaos, criticisms, self-analysis and production woes that precedes the act we see on stage.

What I found was a group of dedicated people working hard to learn their lines, get their blocking and comic timing right, and slip in the occasional thought-provoking bits amidst a myriad of emotions. Luckily enough, I got to see the whole play during the rehearsals (well, almost). The practice ended right before the climax and left me wanting for more and you know it’s worth the buck when you are left with that feeling.

The play is about puppets breaking free and presenting the classic romantic tragedy in a manner they would like to. However, not for a second must you think that it is anywhere close to what you would have read. The story is an interesting rendition of the classic. There’s something quite liberating about the twists and perspectives you can weave into a story by changing the parameters that originally ruled it. We now have a set of puppets who have suddenly found the freedom to play out their own rendition. Will they choose to do what they have always done or will they choose to play it out differently? Will their real self be reflected in their characters? Will they agree with their characters’ choices or will they question them? Will they still identify with the Elizabethan times or will the modern affect them? The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

Plays I watched in Germany

This post is by Tahatto Member – Badrivishal Kinhal sharing theatre experiences during his 1year long stay in Germany.

The first few things that you learn being in Germany is that the country is not just about what we are made to believe it to be, although some of the known stereotypes grow stronger being here. Worldwide, Germany is still identified by the 12 year Nazi rule though the country’s history spreads far before and after this dark period. What is quite inspiring is how the country has bounced back from being crippled in economy, population and with a big hole in self respect. I feel lucky to have come to this country when it is enjoying the most peaceful and prosperous times ever.

There is so much of art in this country and the history of art and literature goes far beyond the borders. A German writer, Thomas Mann writes “Can one be a musician without being a German?”. It is hard to discard him as a chauvinist, when you know that Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and scores of other great music definers are from this country. And even one of the greatest contemporary musician, Hans Zimmer, who can make even an ordinary hollywood movie exceedingly fabulous to watch, is from Germany.

The world of ancient and modern literature has always enjoyed some pathbreaking works from German writers. Grimm brothers have taken fairy tales to such dark corners of imagination that they continue to fascinate the grown ups and the kids alike. They continue to inspire the academics, the novelists, film makers and story tellers in every country and every culture across the world. Sigmund Freud, Gunter Grass who continue to keep us hooked to their words, wrote in German.

Being a theatre enthusiast, I could encounter some inside process and culture associated with German theatre, art, music and literature.

Here is an account of my experience being an audience and a observing student of a small part of German theatre for over a year. I was lucky to land in Germany right in the middle of the Trans Europa Theatre festival that was happening in Hildesheim. A week long festival with events playing all day long gave me an exciting start to my stay in Germany. Continue reading

Tahatto Auditions for Upcoming Play

Remember “Picasso at Lapin Agile” – our 2nd Production? Well whether you do or don’t, we would like to let you know that we are re-visting the english comedy written by Steve Martin. We are holding open auditions for both male and female characters on the 20th May’2012. Please drop us a note at hello@tahatto.com or click here to register. We would love to know why you would like to be a part of the production.

Tahatto Auditions for Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Tahatto Auditions for Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Full Meals is back in Bangalore – Revamped English Play

Tahatto Presents “Full Meals” – 6 Original Stories, 1 Revamped Play

Life is not just a box of chocolates. Life is an entire unlimited meal, full of flavours you’ve never tasted before. Full Meals – Tahatto’s highly-rated recipe revamped and rehashed, with 6 original short plays and a whole new narrative. Ask anyone who’s ever caught a show, and they’ll tell you that this is one meal that you just can’t afford to miss. And what’s more, this one is guilt free, because 10 Rs. from each ticket feeds an underpriviliged child. So that when you watch Full Meals, a hungry kid gets to eat one.

Unlimited servings, Sweet extra, No byetoo sarvice! ;-)

Directed By: Badarivishal Kinhal & Prashanth Nair

Venue: Alliance Francaise
Millers road
Vasanth Nagar

Dates: 14th May, 2011 | 7:00 PM & 15th May, 2011 | 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Price: Rs.200/-

Buy Tickets Online – http://www.indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=1621

Forward to your friends and make sure – they do not miss the show! :)

Full Meals – served Hot Hot !!!

The word ” Full Meals ” brings a smile to any true Indian :). Come to think of it, everything for us, revolves around a good meal. Right from college canteens where we find cheap food (however boring), the treats that we look forward to, like we cant have enough food, the waiting time for wedding lunches, the discounts during food festivals and as simple as a good satisfying coffee, we always want a Full Meal.

We have 6 original stories written by Badri Vishal and Prashanth Nair. The stories are tied together with amazing bits of incidents that happens to Yudhistir (the character, not the actor…not a true life story…. at all :)…). These bits can also pass for a short story. The format gives a unique and pleasing feeling, very different from any full length play. Personally, it reminds me of the 13 episode serials that used to air on DD…. serials that had individual stories in each of the 13 episodes….Thekikat, Bhumkesh bakshi, Mulla Nasruddin, oh i so miss those serials.

We are 4 productions old now and what we have realised is that, we and the audience love to hear stories that we relate to. And the truth is that simple and sweet is still on top of the charts, (ex: the new dairy milk ad… the bus stop one). Its like why Rajni has more fans than any of our super stars…. no Rajni movie is complex, he does not pretend in real life and the most important thing, his movies deliver what they promise… complete entertainment. Drawing inspiration from all the blockbuster Indian movies, our 2 writers have brought lovable and interesting characters to life and they will do all they can to entertain you.

Come to Alliance on 15th October, friday evening at 8 or to Kyra on 23rd, saturday evening at 7:30 to see them in action and I hope you walk out with the satisfaction of a Full Meal.  See you there :)