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A blog dedicated to Theatre! Is it not partly living a wish? I am so glad that Tahatto is born.

Since a nice maiden script is out, I now feel permitted to place my ramblings in the lap of this blog. YAY!

So, let’s gossip !

The cast of AFTCW was to meet up last evening at 20:00hrs sharp. And guess who amongst all made it on time? Ofcourse ‘Me’ ! Pat, pat. Oh, thanks for the standing applause. You may now park your tushies on your respective seats again and remain alert to what I have to say next. Thank you.

Soon thereafter, Vijay arrived. I noticed that Vijay – the hero of AFTCW had a new hair-cut. Note the emphasis. But why? Now that calls for serious speculation and my first Gossip give-away to you. We chatted for a while and laughed at some incidents; the origins of which lay in the theatre fraternity. We also attempted to figure out why some actors can’t help projecting pendulumic head movements on stage ! That’s Gossip No. 2. Baddy Boy (Badri) had joined us by the time we were engrossed in gossip no. 2. Finally, our debutant director, Prashant alias ‘my Georgy’ came and we all sat in the darkness. Yes, darkness. – That is no Gossip ! There was no electricity so we had to. Look at you, didn’t you already think otherwise. What minds I say?!

We believe in sharing and to stay true to our conviction, we took our director through Gossip 1 and 2 at length and I think my contribution as a moderator was significant. Pat Pat. Please, please remain seated. Enough of ovations. I am already humbled.

I do not remember exactly when my stage-fiancé’ Piyush came but I do remember that he was followed by Vikram, Vaishak and Lakshmi. Why? Why would three of them follow him? Why this particular sequence of events? This is a earth-shaking question. I think I will make it Gossip no. 3 for you. Think. Think hard.

I personally appreciated Laksmi’s entry the most. She rolled in as a bundle of uncontrollable-laughter. I love people who land in the middle of a serious discussion, giggle mysteriously, distract everyone, spit the story and make everyone laugh. That is exactly what happened. It was a welcome break considering we had been busy from SEVEN LONG minutes. And guess what? She and Navreet had been to this play called “WDWGFH”?. (I use the acronym for the purposes of this blog). Lakshmi tells us that it was supposedly a serious play but somehow it had no connection with logic and reality. She narrated many dialogues which were a string of disconnected sentences borrowed from movies and books interspersed with lights going on and off. “What is darkness, but an absence of light”?! How profound – that was one of the key one-liners of that show. That darkness enabled people to make a smooth exit without causing offense, though. Intelligent, eh? That is a good Gossip No.4. Catch Lakshmi for more details and most importantly, catch that show! (From what I hear, I guarantee entertainment).

Anyway, we all had a hearty laugh and got on with serious business. We decided to get through with characterization. So each of the cast members expressed what they thought of their respective characters and we all debated and concluded things in peace (No, we do not get violent – sorry, no scope for such a Gossip). We understood ours and each others characters better and Oh ! I realized that I was hit on by almost everyone in AFTCW except for the two other ladies. I wish ‘that’ was a real Gossip ! Our discussions lasted until 11 p.m. and I was dropped home by our director and his better half (Lakshmi not anyone else. Why can’t you remember facts, I say?!)

Should I leave you with some details on what we learnt? Don’t do this to me now. I cannot articulate it for none of it has any Gossip. Let me find some more Gossips for you and come back.

Okay? Okay.

——————————————————————————————————————————-P.S.:- The content above is loaded with fiction but with some traces of truth. The purpose of the above content is to cause serious offense to the people who are mentioned and provide a different kind of new-age entertainment to the readers. Should you have any complaints, please write to Lakshmi and Piyush. They are the administrators and will handle all the misgivings. Thank you.


    1. Vijay

      Okay, not bunked but stayed away with permission! "Well, that shows how many rehearsals you have 'stayed away (with permission)', Nurse Fletcher-Brown, or should I say Nurse Fleischer-Baum!!" x-(

      And oh! I dare not say anything about the Nurse's punctuality! 🙂 Always 35 miles ahead of the frontline, eh?! 🙂 May I remind you, Nurse, that you might be doing it all the time in Berlin, but we don't do that sort of thing here (what with Bangalore traffic and all of that!). 😀

      On the hitting issue, I have to agree with you on the "suspension of disbelief" part. Just that I feel it would be a rather "unwilling"(!) suspension of disbelief, in this case, to believe that the Nurse "was hit on by almost everyone in FTCW"! That's just our fluffy bunny act! 😉

  1. Namrta

    Hello, Nurse has not technically bunked. "Nurse had the 'Permission' to do so, Sire ! ". You may also note that Nurse is the first one to arrive on the committed days, Sire !

    Plus, on the hitting issue in FTCW, it is but a "willing suspension of disbelief" ! 😀 LOL This, as a matter of fact, serves an evidence that you have not been paying attention to what the director has been saying. Ahem ! Edmund ! Ah !

    And ofcourse I shall write more, for the so like the results now. hehe 😉

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