Prepare to attack..!

Well, three days left for the show and I would be kidding myself if I said am not nervous.

We have put in a lot into this. The crew has been cut off from friends and family for the better part of the last 3 months. Some no longer get dinner at home. Others carry car-loads of junk related to the production. Some busy shifting houses, while others had exams. There were (are) deadlines at work and hey – one can’t afford to lag behind there of all things.

But boy o boy did we have fun! We ate…drank…ate more…made merry…pulled each others leg (sometimes literally!)…ate still more…crashed all over Bangalore…and more….

And so here we are…maiden production…good to go…and am nervous…

The truth is, personally, 3 months back there wasn’t the slightestchance  of all this happening. Let alone going on stage, I probably wouldn’t have even met these people.

So it’s a case of nothing to lose and all to win after all….

“Pah! Nervous? Who’s nervous…you are a soldier for god’s sake..not a pen pushing harry who deserves some spunk..wait a that a pigeon…? Err..its a rat? Oooh the plate thickens!…”

Doesn’t make sense? Come to Opus, Whitefield 10th Oct , 7 pm.

Still wont make sense. But come anyways. 🙂

Over and Out!


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