See you. :)

I meant to comment something funny on Vaisakh’s post below but oflate I have not been able to handle humour too well for it is thrown back at me in huge groups. (LOL). So, I will only continue to Gossip with you and release my eternal wit.

So, permit me to unveil those little secrets for your Gossiping pleasure :

Secret 1:

I love Vaisakh alias Mul-chetta. There is an important reason for that. He belongs to the Donald Duck family. Relax. Relax. Relax. He is the only ‘human’ nephew of Mr. Donald. His secret name is Vui. You must listen to all those sweet funny sounds he makes and you will swear by what I just said. How I love those sounds. They can melt you. Let alone theatre, can be a great hit at Walt Disney !

Secret 2:

There is a factual correction in Vaisakh’s Post : The only person whose leg gets ever pulled is “me”. Rest of them pull each others’ legs – literally. See, that even rhymes !. What more proof do you want, Poets !

Secret 3:

I am really short of time and I must leave you with some food for thought. You know the breaking news: We are only a day away from our first production – “A Funny Thing Called War”


Do you know the Top 3 reasons why you should come to watch us this Saturday?

No? (Whaaat? !)

Read on then.

1. Genre: Comedy.

C’mon, now honestly – isn’t a good laugh a luxury, these days? We will be so glad if we crack that grim with a smile or two.

Sssshhh… And a Secret: After a few months of me being around with very serious and wise actors, they have begun to appear very comical. Alright. Alright, please sit down. I simply cannot handle standing applauses. So, like I was saying, we hence should be able project some realistic performance.

2. Group : Tahatto.

Its us ! Its Tahatto. Actually, coming of think of it, this should be the top 1 reason. Please do not get carried away by “Vui’s” tantrums of we only working, eating, drinking and sleeping all over Bangalore all the time. – All this happens while Theatre Practices are on. Those activities are our breaks you see. On a serious note : Come, because we are honest in whatever we do. We are new, small and in a way, naïve and modest. We love theatre and each other. Be kind and consider us. Afterall, this has arrived after 9 months with efforts from a bunch of very liberal ( minded) working class theatre enthusiasts. It was not easy to get to where we have come considering so many things each of us is already at – personally and professionally but like the cliché goes: Where there is a will, there is a way. We are a group of great friends who are IT professionals (Geeks), Marketeers, Adv gurus, Editors and Students determined to live a life that we are passionate about – post work ! ;D. Allow us to be that by being at our shows.

Shhhh Secret : There is this huge explanation of Tahatto thing at the Website. Read that. That makes more sense, perhaps.

3. Date and Place : This Saturday. Opus Creek, Bangalore

It’s Saturday ! TGIS. Get your friends and family together for a good laugh on Sat evening. Stay back for Scrumptious Dinner at the same place. Stay really late. I would even recommend raising a toast. Unwind with laughter and some wine. What’s more : Make friends. (at your own risk).We will ALL be around. We will even give you a chance to thrash us if we made you smile for wrong reasons and help you prove your might. It may further impress the company you would be with.

Ssshhh Secret: Great tip for making up and breaching the cold war or real war that you may be having with someone important.

All theatre groups (including ours) will have the headline of the top 3 reasons that I just gave you on their promos BUT you now know all the underlying secrets to make that wise choice.

Oh, tears of joy – please don’t start crying. It was my pleasure to guide you to the path of good life, laugh and love. (Deep sigh).

See you. (Charming and inviting smile).

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