A Funny Thing Called War – Comments & Feedback

A Funny Thing Called War, is our first Production which has seen multiple packed houses and has been loved, appreciated & enjoyedΒ  byΒ  all. We call it a laughter riot and the reactions have proved it to be so… πŸ™‚

AFTCW has been staged at the following performance spaces:

  • Opus in the Creek, Whitefield on 10th October’09
  • Alliance Francaise, Vasant Nagar on 13th November’09
  • Kyra Theatre, Indiranagar on 27th December’09

Were you there? Then go ahead, bash us, praise us…we are all ears… Leave your comments below..

Cast & Crew - all set for A Funny Thing Called War

Cast & Crew - all set for A Funny Thing Called War

A Scene from 'A Funny Thing Called War'

A Scene from 'A Funny Thing Called War'

A Scene from 'A Funny Thing Called War'

A Scene from 'A Funny Thing Called War'

If you have seen it already, do leave your feedback below and if you haven’t check out what others say…and make sure you catch up the next show. You can stay in touch by following us on twitter (@tahatto) or joining the facebook community or simply dropping your email id @ www.tahatto.com


  1. Abhishek

    This is one of the most interesting and watchable plays that I have seen recently. A very commendable and good performances by each character.

    Goodluck to the whole team and cast of Tahatto with the current and all future productions – Looking forward to see more such quality drama productions – keep me in the loop


    1. Lakshmi

      Hey Abhishek,

      Thank you for the post. It is a humbling feelng when we know that our effort is appreciated.

      We are thrilled to know that you loved our play.

      We are performing again on Nov 12th and 13th at alliance francaise. Please do let all your friends know and do try to come again. Promise you we would have gotten better. πŸ™‚


  2. Rohit


    I just loved the play though I didnt watch it completely …. actually….Lakshmi didnt let me watch the play. I envy her!! (Sorry to say that)…. I would have enjoyed as much as the crowd did!!(Next time)~
    Anyways was an awesome night…. I just loved the rag and the stones…it gave the perfect background for the trench.
    10th Oct … has always been special to me for years… just like its been for all Tahatto group members ….!!
    Good luck everyone!! There are many milestones to cover!!


    1. Lakshmi

      Hey Rohit!!!

      Firstly, sorry for having pulled you away from watching the play πŸ™‚ . will make sure you watch the whole play next time. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work. It is a real pleasure to have a team who is so understanding and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I hope it is a memorable experience for you too, in a nice way πŸ™‚

      I will keep in mind your eedback about the stone and sack back ground. I will try to recreate it in other venues.

      Thanks again Rohit!

      1. Rohit

        Hey Lakshmi,

        Yes i would watch the play next time. Actually I was pulling your leg…. it was great working with all of you. Everyone is so full of energy, the energies never stop.

        Also i would love to be part of Tahatto. Never thought theater would be so much fun.
        Thank you Lakshmi for giving me a chance. I would have never been there if it wasnt for you and Piyush.
        Thank You everyone.


  3. pratibha agarwal

    congratulations on your first show……..i guess in no time u’ll b ready to spread your wings,eagerly awaiting that time,when we hyderabadi’s would also get to see d show…..

    till then,

    all the best,

    pratibha agarwal

    1. lakshmi

      Hello Pratibha,

      We too cant wait to take this to places. Lets see how things go and who knows… we may be there in your city. Why dont you make a small trip around the 12 or 13th of Nov. We are performing at Alliance Francaise.
      Hoping to see you… take care
      thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. khushboo

    iT tRuly goes with this theatre group- PASSIONATE, EXCITED and (badly) ADDICTED to theatre. After the experience on 10th oct it has left me with an introspection-pause and immense energy. It excited me to meet people with variant perceptions, conception and style who all displayed an urge to do something new and challenging assumptions. It was truly trading beyond experience.
    With this first show we have really rocked and created a place in the heart of all theatre-lovers. lets all of us together again get ready to challenge the convention, to reflect, analyze and look @ things in fresher ways for our next show!!!

    1. lakshmi

      Hello Amrutha,

      we are so humbled to know that our work is appreciated. Thank you so much for the effort made to stop by our blog to leave your precious feedback. We will keep you informed about our future plays. If you found us good, please spread the word. Believe me, we really need some publicity for our future shows.

      Thank you again. We are extremely grateful πŸ™‚
      Take care πŸ™‚

  5. Ravi


    The play was indeed fun but we could not hear most of you many times .

    Apart from that I think all actors played their role very well but I personally thought the nurse was a exceptional mature actress. she had an amazing voice modulation, perfect accent and superb attitude for the role… she is one big gem in tahatto’s crown. All the best, tahatto !!


  6. priya


    sorry for not having opened a FAN CLUB as yet… for now… this blog would do… πŸ˜‰
    all the actors were too good…..
    (sorry badri if people keep taking ur trip on this.. :P… but genuinely… the role suits u perfectly… and u do it super amazingly!!!! )
    i promise to open the FAN CLUB asap!
    u guys are super!
    all the best!


  7. BAlDRIck

    Hey Priya,
    Thanks a lot for such wholehearted complements πŸ™‚
    and about people taking my trip on this?? dont worry bout them !! Let the complements flow ;))

    May all the cunning plans work,
    BAlDRIck πŸ™‚

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