While At It – 10th Oct, AFTCW (Behind The Stage ;))

What an experience was it – amazing.

Almost feels like some illusion –

Until few months back – none of us knew any of us existed – well say almost.

If I put it personally I did not know any of you – Prashanth, lakshmi, Vijay, Badri, Vaisakh, Piyush, Vikram . .  hmnn and almost any of us, who were seen so closely together – trying to put up the show together – the group together – our first ever play – “A FUNNY THING CALLED WAR” by Tahatto.

It is indeed very fascinating how we did come up – striving for the same goal despite of being from all sorts of different background, history, experiences, language, colleges or organizations, passion and drive.

Finally 10th Oct arrived and so did we at the Opus to premiere our play. And this was the first time – I was actually involved in doing some serious production and back stage work. And it was very exciting and amazing. Am glad and very pleased that the already existing group was so open and acceptive.

Well, all of us have done our bits of love you’s and thank you’s and this and that. How ever there were some cutest moments which got captured into my mind/brain (ok don’t laugh when I say brains for my self hehehe). So this was while the Play was on.

Some of the most precious, important and sweetest actions being done or said by the some of us behind the stage,.. which apparently I noticed …and am sure ,..some of you there too..and if the cast who was so engrossed while putting your act together – here’s your chance to refresh…

Hmnn so whom do I start with… ok lets start with Badri… suddenly struck by the fear – what if all the folks are looking like ghosts under the light . . so we start running around and test the lights on every one and check how they actually looked like. And then the poet in him started to sing his song “Titiliyann” (Badri, sometime we shall like to hear the entire composition pls). Hillarious!

Then came Vijay, too too much engrossed with his dialogues and deep eyes and face expressions . ..  and in midst of all that – o well, the test of his patience to stand still for the last minute touch up /make up hahahah. . .  was a task isn’t it Vijay …

Walks in Vaisakh – am so sure, I will like to believe that he too will agree – that he probably have never had so much water as much as he had that evening… each time, behind the stage – he would walk around with his glass of water . .  and ofcourse, not letting the whole character walk out . . . so one can imagine his walks and style of having the water as well. . .

And once you move your eyes from Vaisakh to the other side, you see some one sitting and just going on talking non stop… with all possible expressions . .  aahh there’s Namrita, sitting on one side, and just going on n on – at one point, it was quite confusing – was she talking, trying to talk or was she just rehearsing!! But it was damn cute. (and yes she was rehearsing).

Some thing very sweet, she acknowledged the stage before she stepped on to it.. which certainly caught my attention as it was quite unique. That is  – walks in Preeti . . absolutely adorable. . . And then walks in Piyush trying to fix his hair each time. . . some times struggling with the spirit or with his hair, but never stopping to pull some one’s leg in spite he was up next! Darling – isn’t it . . .

Vikram, what did you have before you came down. . .  so much at ease and so calm . .  at one point it was difficult to distinguish, whether you were the actor or were you one of us back stage . . as you got involved at both ends (hmnn getting the best of both the world – not bad at all).

And finally walks in the captain . .  Prashanth – totally light and happy, as if he already knew, that the show was rocking. Totally composed, content and at peace. Beautiful mind and amazing spirit.

The whole trip to put the 10th Oct play together was paranormal and stunning. Be it all the chit chats, the calls with Lakshmi, bumping into Navreets house suddenly and trying to act that Namrita lost her way to her house.. .  or catching up with khushboo and lakshmi in the Coffe Nu café ( where the coffee sucked big time..yaaekss) And so forth . .

.And no doubt we look forward to the next – upcoming events with double the zeal and determination.

We rock . . .:)

Lov n Luck

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