Full Meals – served Hot Hot !!!

The word ” Full Meals ” brings a smile to any true Indian :). Come to think of it, everything for us, revolves around a good meal. Right from college canteens where we find cheap food (however boring), the treats that we look forward to, like we cant have enough food, the waiting time for wedding lunches, the discounts during food festivals and as simple as a good satisfying coffee, we always want a Full Meal.

We have 6 original stories written by Badri Vishal and Prashanth Nair. The stories are tied together with amazing bits of incidents that happens to Yudhistir (the character, not the actor…not a true life story…. at all :)…). These bits can also pass for a short story. The format gives a unique and pleasing feeling, very different from any full length play. Personally, it reminds me of the 13 episode serials that used to air on DD…. serials that had individual stories in each of the 13 episodes….Thekikat, Bhumkesh bakshi, Mulla Nasruddin, oh i so miss those serials.

We are 4 productions old now and what we have realised is that, we and the audience love to hear stories that we relate to. And the truth is that simple and sweet is still on top of the charts, (ex: the new dairy milk ad… the bus stop one). Its like why Rajni has more fans than any of our super stars…. no Rajni movie is complex, he does not pretend in real life and the most important thing, his movies deliver what they promise… complete entertainment. Drawing inspiration from all the blockbuster Indian movies, our 2 writers have brought lovable and interesting characters to life and they will do all they can to entertain you.

Come to Alliance on 15th October, friday evening at 8 or to Kyra on 23rd, saturday evening at 7:30 to see them in action and I hope you walk out with the satisfaction of a Full Meal.  See you there 🙂

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