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Special Invite from Puppets

Special Invite from Puppets

What is it?
Your Golden Ticket! Not to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory but indeed to a magical world. The world where imagination knows no bounds and fun never seizes to exist.
Its the world of theatre and you are invited for a special tour. As part of the tour, you will get to meet our Puppets staging the Shakespeare play – “Romeo & Juliet” however not the Shakespeare way…
You will get hold of them while they are on ‘The Run’!
Umm…Running to where?
Nowhere! By a ‘Run’, we mean staging the play from start to end in its simplest form. No costumes, no lights, no elaborate sets. You will get to experience the performances and the script in its purest form.
The Run will be followed by an interaction with the actors and director where you can question various aspects of the play, lay down your perspectives, provide feedback and help us further evolve the play.
Ok I am hooked…Tell me more about the play!
What if a bunch of puppets broke off their strings one night in an empty auditorium and decided to perform the only story they know – Romeo and Juliet? With no one watching, they do their own version of their story.. one that is irreverent, crazy and replete with pop-culture. And yet, quite unknowingly, they stay with the essence of the story – ‘our destiny is not in the stars, but in our choices’. Winner of the prestigious Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award, Prashanth Nair’s script brings Shakespeare together with contemporary sensibilities, Bollywood and comedy.
Yenuff…When I say?
Date & Time: Thursday, 15th August’13 – 6:30pm
City: Bangalore
For venue details, please drop a note to


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