Once upon a time – Tahatto story-telling Sundays at Crossword

“Once upon a time there lived a….”

la_fairytales_jack_beanstalkBrings back memories of bed time stories? ….Perhaps from when you were forced to narrate a story by your niece! Or of pre-school season when you would glance through the language textbook to finish all the story based chapters… :)

Inherent to all that we love and endeavor to do at Tahatto is a passion for listening to and sharing stories. And what better joy than tell them to the tiny tots! Tahatto will be spending the whole of August with kids and of course Pinnochio, Thumbalina, Jack and his magic beans!! Living up to the imagination and wonder of children is quite a challenge (as our narrators and actors are realizing!) and yet..so much fun! So do drop by at Crosswords (dates, venue) in case you want to join the mayhem….and of course we won’t ask your age! :D

The details of the story telling sessions are as follows:

Venue & Time:

Crossword, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore (11.30am – 12:30pm)

Crossword, Indira Nagar, Bangalore (5.00pm – 6:00pm)

Dates & Story Details


So see you all there…

Another feather…. Thank you all!!!!


Everybody who thought of coming for our play,

We staged our third production Picasso at the Lapin Agile @Alliance Francaise, Bangalore on 7th and 8th May 2010. We are humbled by the response and appreciation.

We had all the competitors lined up to steal our audience. Cricket match, Iron man 2 and ofcourse the Bangalore traffic and what not. But I guess sincere effort can be felt through all these problems :-). It was a pleasure to welcome you to our show, entertain you for 90 minutes and see you off. Your smiles and laughter made up for the 4 months of work we put in for this show.

We also want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience. It was really hot with the  malfunctioning AC. If there was any way to make the evening more comfortable for each of you, we would have done it.  You were a great audience and smiling on your way out, it just motivates us to bring more on stage. Thank you!!! (For want of another word that could bring in all the happiness and gratitude we feel for you all)

We would love to hear from you and your feedback is the only way we can improve ourselves. So please mail us or call us and tell us what you felt.

Thank you!

A Funny Thing Called LIFE – Tahatto’s latest Production

I forget many things: roads, names, enemies, passwords, revenge, bad jokes and so on but I never forget a good story.

I love listening to stories. While I love all kinds of good stories, I feel the funny ones in particular come with a unique advantage. You can share them with most people in most situations and spread the happiness. And I certainly love people who have a gift of narrating these stories most animatedly. Have you ever seen actors telling you their stories? See what I mean?

(Psst Psst… ;-\ all this sweet talk is actually one big strategy. A strategy called “A funny thing called LIFE” which incidentally is also the name of our second production.) So, here is what we thought. To tell you all fun stories. Some in a lighter vein, some in an Aww mode and some ROFALOL sorts. I am told the floor at Kyra is quite sturdy and well maintained so no worries. Fall and roll all you want but don’t hurt your neighbors please. :-). We don’t want any head on collisions. Ahem ! Btw, if you are a naughty kind, you should know what you have to do by now. Hehe. You Devil ! You *are* already thinking ! Ah ! I don’t believe this. I was just “joking”.

Anyway, so like I was saying, this Sunday, you will have us presenting to you 5 skits. Yes, you read it right. You will watch FIVE stories in the form of skits.

Where is all this bad breath coming from suddenly?

Hey ! You ! – in the fluorescent lemon and orange top! Close your Jaw now, please. I understand it is a pleasant surprise but not a grave shock. Thank you.

Damn! These open jaws made me forget something very important that I *had* to say. Umm… Err… Oh yes ! I remember now ! An important announcement: if you have a funny story worth sharing, write to us and it is possible that it may be our next skit ! What’s more, the world will know what an idiot you have been….Oops ! I mean, what an idiot the other person who made the story funny for you has been… I mean, c’mon ! don’t worry, we won’t take your or others’ names (unless you want us to). We will generously take the credit of being stupid and funny and spread the joy! Howzzat?

So, get ready to join the joy ride on:

21 March. 8:30pm. Kyra. Bangalore. Tickets: +91 9901091091

Life is calling. Be there.

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