Christmas celebrations extended with Tahatto at Kyra

Xtend your Xmas celebrations this year with Tahatto at Kyra, Indiranagar!!

A Funny Thing Called War is back! Catch it  on 27th December’09, 6:30pm onwards.

See you there… Also, follow us on twitter – @tahatto or join the google group, ‘Tahatto Updates’ to always stay updated! Ooops…forgot to mention we are also there on Facebook! :)

A funny thing called war at Kyra

“Serious minds at peace” behind “A Funny Thing called War”.

Fun people are working seriously to put together their *t-h-i-r-d* production of “A Funny Thing Called War”.

“This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers. . . There is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance or death.”

Don’t give me that look. Ofcourse, I did not come up with that line. That’s Sire William Shakespeare for you.

Now here is a chance for me to boast that the cast and crew of Tahatto has grown quite a bit beyond famous quotes, numerology, luck, speculation and all that. The play has won many hearts and has only gotten better. Thanks to all those who came to see the play and also gave us valuable feedback.

We are not as nervous as we were at our first production but the butterflies in the stomach don’t go away that fast and start fluttering everytime we near a production. That ‘feeling’ kind of has begun to show its traces. It feels sweeter though. :-)

While I am the most absent-minded and lost of the Tahatto lot (It could be a compliment, for long I thought! Wow – that rhymes!); the entire crew is all Continue reading

A Funny Thing Called War is back on 13th Nov, 2009

Hello folks,

Tahatto is back with the second show of “A Funny Thing Called War”. After the successful first show, I don’t think you would like to miss this one again and if you were ‘there’, make your friends and family watch it. Afterall its rightly said, Laughter is the best Medicine. Be sure to get a hearty dose from us… :)

So here’s the plan code-named, “AFTCW – The Second Show”

Date & Time : 13th November, 2009 / 8pm

Venue: Alliance Francaise, # 108, Thimmaiah Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052
080 41231340

If unsure, check Review:

Ticket Booking: or call 9945799224/ 9901091091

A Funny Thing Called War - Teaser

A Funny Thing Called War - Teaser

See you there!!

While At It – 10th Oct, AFTCW (Behind The Stage ;))

What an experience was it – amazing.

Almost feels like some illusion –

Until few months back – none of us knew any of us existed – well say almost.

If I put it personally I did not know any of you – Prashanth, lakshmi, Vijay, Badri, Vaisakh, Piyush, Vikram . .  hmnn and almost any of us, who were seen so closely together – trying to put up the show together – the group together – our first ever play – “A FUNNY THING CALLED WAR” by Tahatto.

It is indeed very fascinating how we did come up – striving for the same goal despite of being from all sorts of different background, history, experiences, language, colleges or organizations, passion and drive.

Finally 10th Oct arrived and so did we at the Opus to premiere our play. And this was the first time – I was actually involved in doing some serious production and back stage work. And it was very exciting and amazing. Am glad and very pleased that the already existing group was so open and acceptive.

Well, all of us have done our bits of love you’s and thank you’s and this and that. How ever there were some cutest moments which got captured into my mind/brain (ok don’t laugh when I say brains for my self hehehe). So this was while the Play was on.

Some of the most precious, important and sweetest actions being done or said by the some of us behind the stage,.. which apparently I noticed …and am Continue reading

Thank You ! :-*

History shall mark this day. With great effort, I have decided to stray from “Gossiping”. Oh ! Don’t be so sad. I thought you knew me a little. This resolution will last “only” until mid-night today. The Gossip Column can never die. Trust me. C’mon now, s-m-i-l-e ! Great! That’s like a true gossip follower.

This post is just a short note to say “Thank You”.

Thanks to all the wonderful (and wise) people who considered us and made it to our first show on 10th Oct. You were not only considerate but open to laughter. Imagine having an audience too critical with their own lives or us or conscious of developing laugh lines or acknowledging humor only within them or simply too rigid to happiness or a good laugh.

You were just the opposite: Open. Human. Appreciative. Happy.

You all were a dream audience!

Like ghosts in darkness and peeping from the little corners of backstage, we were watching your lit faces and reactions all the time. We hugged each other at your first smile. We jumped in merry on your first big laughter. You all smiled, chuckled and Continue reading

A Funny Thing Called War – Comments & Feedback

A Funny Thing Called War, is our first Production which has seen multiple packed houses and has been loved, appreciated & enjoyed  by  all. We call it a laughter riot and the reactions have proved it to be so… :)

AFTCW has been staged at the following performance spaces:

  • Opus in the Creek, Whitefield on 10th October’09
  • Alliance Francaise, Vasant Nagar on 13th November’09
  • Kyra Theatre, Indiranagar on 27th December’09

Were you there? Then go ahead, bash us, praise us…we are all ears… Leave your comments below..

Cast & Crew - all set for A Funny Thing Called War

Cast & Crew - all set for A Funny Thing Called War

A Scene from 'A Funny Thing Called War'

A Scene from 'A Funny Thing Called War'

Continue reading

See you. :)

I meant to comment something funny on Vaisakh’s post below but oflate I have not been able to handle humour too well for it is thrown back at me in huge groups. (LOL). So, I will only continue to Gossip with you and release my eternal wit.

So, permit me to unveil those little secrets for your Gossiping pleasure :

Secret 1:

I love Vaisakh alias Mul-chetta. There is an important reason for that. He belongs to the Donald Duck family. Relax. Relax. Relax. He is the only ‘human’ nephew of Mr. Donald. His secret name is Vui. You must listen to all those sweet funny sounds he makes and you will swear by what I just said. How I love those sounds. They can melt you. Let alone theatre, can be a great hit at Walt Disney !

Secret 2:

There is a factual correction in Vaisakh’s Post : The only person whose leg gets ever pulled is “me”. Rest of them pull each others’ legs – literally. See, that even rhymes !. What more proof do you want, Poets !

Secret 3:

I am really short of time and I must leave you with some food for thought. You know the breaking news: We are only a day away from our first production – “A Funny Thing Called War”


Do you know the Top 3 reasons why you should come to watch us this Saturday?

No? (Whaaat? !)

Read on then.

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Prepare to attack..!

Well, three days left for the show and I would be kidding myself if I said am not nervous.

We have put in a lot into this. The crew has been cut off from friends and family for the better part of the last 3 months. Some no longer get dinner at home. Others carry car-loads of junk related to the production. Some busy shifting houses, while others had exams. There were (are) deadlines at work and hey – one can’t afford to lag behind there of all things.

But boy o boy did we have fun! We ate…drank…ate more…made merry…pulled each others leg (sometimes literally!)…ate still more…crashed all over Bangalore…and more….

And so here we are…maiden production…good to go…and am nervous…

The truth is, personally, 3 months back there wasn’t the slightest Continue reading

Tahatto presents “A Funny Thing Called War” – First Look

Finally here it is, first look of Tahatto’s first theatrical production “A Funny Thing Called War”, premiering on Saturday, 10th Oct, 2009 at Opus Creek, Whitefield, Bangalore

A Funny Thing Called War

A Funny Thing Called War

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