A Day at the Rehearsal

This is a guest post by Swati Singh – a big fan of theatre, movies, songs, soaps, funny videos…basically an entertainment junkie!

I am a huge fan of movies, dance, drama, plays and anything of the sort. Some could say I just like to sit and watch other people do all the work. I say I am a sucker for good storytelling. What I have always been intrigued about, though, is what happens backstage and all the work that goes into creating a play. I mean, I was involved with the Drama Society at school but that isn’t what the real thing is like, now is it? So when my friend invited me to the rehearsal run of Tahatto’s upcoming play, Romeo and Juliet – no strings attached, my happiness knew no bounds! Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating but I did jump at the idea and agreed to it before he could change his mind and, hence, began my little journey to the world of rehearsals, chaos, criticisms, self-analysis and production woes that precedes the act we see on stage.

What I found was a group of dedicated people working hard to learn their lines, get their blocking and comic timing right, and slip in the occasional thought-provoking bits amidst a myriad of emotions. Luckily enough, I got to see the whole play during the rehearsals (well, almost). The practice ended right before the climax and left me wanting for more and you know it’s worth the buck when you are left with that feeling.

The play is about puppets breaking free and presenting the classic romantic tragedy in a manner they would like to. However, not for a second must you think that it is anywhere close to what you would have read. The story is an interesting rendition of the classic. There’s something quite liberating about the twists and perspectives you can weave into a story by changing the parameters that originally ruled it. We now have a set of puppets who have suddenly found the freedom to play out their own rendition. Will they choose to do what they have always done or will they choose to play it out differently? Will their real self be reflected in their characters? Will they agree with their characters’ choices or will they question them? Will they still identify with the Elizabethan times or will the modern affect them? The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

While At It – 10th Oct, AFTCW (Behind The Stage ;))

What an experience was it – amazing.

Almost feels like some illusion –

Until few months back – none of us knew any of us existed – well say almost.

If I put it personally I did not know any of you – Prashanth, lakshmi, Vijay, Badri, Vaisakh, Piyush, Vikram . .  hmnn and almost any of us, who were seen so closely together – trying to put up the show together – the group together – our first ever play – “A FUNNY THING CALLED WAR” by Tahatto.

It is indeed very fascinating how we did come up – striving for the same goal despite of being from all sorts of different background, history, experiences, language, colleges or organizations, passion and drive.

Finally 10th Oct arrived and so did we at the Opus to premiere our play. And this was the first time – I was actually involved in doing some serious production and back stage work. And it was very exciting and amazing. Am glad and very pleased that the already existing group was so open and acceptive.

Well, all of us have done our bits of love you’s and thank you’s and this and that. How ever there were some cutest moments which got captured into my mind/brain (ok don’t laugh when I say brains for my self hehehe). So this was while the Play was on.

Some of the most precious, important and sweetest actions being done or said by the some of us behind the stage,.. which apparently I noticed …and am Continue reading

Tahatto Behind the Scenes – A Small background of how AFTCW happened!

In this blog I will take you through the decisions we made before we decided to stage a play.

Tahatto as a group is made of people from all walks of life, advertising, sales, marketing, writing, editing, fashion designing, event management,  students and the inevitable IT. Being the hyper-energetic group that we are, we instantly started off trying to create something that we could perform for anyone who was willing to be a guinea pig. We dabbled with the idea of street plays for a while. This is mostly because we were not sure if we could commit to work towards a full stage production.

Ideas, brainwaves, plots and instances overflowed, but it was truly difficult to get 30 people to take time off from the daily professional grind and create a 20 min play. Yes, it sounds lame but it’s true. The silver lining was that we loved being with each other so much, we never lost hope.

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