Full Meals is back in Bangalore – Revamped English Play

Tahatto Presents “Full Meals” – 6 Original Stories, 1 Revamped Play

Life is not just a box of chocolates. Life is an entire unlimited meal, full of flavours you’ve never tasted before. Full Meals – Tahatto’s highly-rated recipe revamped and rehashed, with 6 original short plays and a whole new narrative. Ask anyone who’s ever caught a show, and they’ll tell you that this is one meal that you just can’t afford to miss. And what’s more, this one is guilt free, because 10 Rs. from each ticket feeds an underpriviliged child. So that when you watch Full Meals, a hungry kid gets to eat one.

Unlimited servings, Sweet extra, No byetoo sarvice! ;-)

Directed By: Badarivishal Kinhal & Prashanth Nair

Venue: Alliance Francaise
Millers road
Vasanth Nagar

Dates: 14th May, 2011 | 7:00 PM & 15th May, 2011 | 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Price: Rs.200/-

Buy Tickets Online – http://www.indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=1621

Forward to your friends and make sure – they do not miss the show! :)

Christmas celebrations extended with Tahatto at Kyra

Xtend your Xmas celebrations this year with Tahatto at Kyra, Indiranagar!!

A Funny Thing Called War is back! Catch it  on 27th December’09, 6:30pm onwards.

See you there… Also, follow us on twitter – @tahatto or join the google group, ‘Tahatto Updates’ to always stay updated! Ooops…forgot to mention we are also there on Facebook! :)

A funny thing called war at Kyra

A Funny Thing Called War is back on 13th Nov, 2009

Hello folks,

Tahatto is back with the second show of “A Funny Thing Called War”. After the successful first show, I don’t think you would like to miss this one again and if you were ‘there’, make your friends and family watch it. Afterall its rightly said, Laughter is the best Medicine. Be sure to get a hearty dose from us… :)

So here’s the plan code-named, “AFTCW – The Second Show”

Date & Time : 13th November, 2009 / 8pm

Venue: Alliance Francaise, # 108, Thimmaiah Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052
080 41231340

If unsure, check Review:  http://www.hindu.com/mp/2009/10/19/stories/2009101950630300.htm

Ticket Booking: www.indianstage.in or call 9945799224/ 9901091091

A Funny Thing Called War - Teaser

A Funny Thing Called War - Teaser

See you there!!

See you. :)

I meant to comment something funny on Vaisakh’s post below but oflate I have not been able to handle humour too well for it is thrown back at me in huge groups. (LOL). So, I will only continue to Gossip with you and release my eternal wit.

So, permit me to unveil those little secrets for your Gossiping pleasure :

Secret 1:

I love Vaisakh alias Mul-chetta. There is an important reason for that. He belongs to the Donald Duck family. Relax. Relax. Relax. He is the only ‘human’ nephew of Mr. Donald. His secret name is Vui. You must listen to all those sweet funny sounds he makes and you will swear by what I just said. How I love those sounds. They can melt you. Let alone theatre, can be a great hit at Walt Disney !

Secret 2:

There is a factual correction in Vaisakh’s Post : The only person whose leg gets ever pulled is “me”. Rest of them pull each others’ legs – literally. See, that even rhymes !. What more proof do you want, Poets !

Secret 3:

I am really short of time and I must leave you with some food for thought. You know the breaking news: We are only a day away from our first production – “A Funny Thing Called War”


Do you know the Top 3 reasons why you should come to watch us this Saturday?

No? (Whaaat? !)

Read on then.

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Tahatto Behind the Scenes – A Small background of how AFTCW happened!

In this blog I will take you through the decisions we made before we decided to stage a play.

Tahatto as a group is made of people from all walks of life, advertising, sales, marketing, writing, editing, fashion designing, event management,  students and the inevitable IT. Being the hyper-energetic group that we are, we instantly started off trying to create something that we could perform for anyone who was willing to be a guinea pig. We dabbled with the idea of street plays for a while. This is mostly because we were not sure if we could commit to work towards a full stage production.

Ideas, brainwaves, plots and instances overflowed, but it was truly difficult to get 30 people to take time off from the daily professional grind and create a 20 min play. Yes, it sounds lame but it’s true. The silver lining was that we loved being with each other so much, we never lost hope.

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Welcome to the ‘Gossip’ column of Tahatto

A blog dedicated to Theatre! Is it not partly living a wish? I am so glad that Tahatto is born.

Since a nice maiden script is out, I now feel permitted to place my ramblings in the lap of this blog. YAY!

So, let’s gossip !

The cast of AFTCW was to meet up last evening at 20:00hrs sharp. And guess who amongst all made it on time? Ofcourse ‘Me’ ! Pat, pat. Oh, thanks for the standing applause. You may now park your tushies on your respective seats again and remain alert to what I have to say next. Thank you.

Soon thereafter, Vijay arrived. I noticed that Vijay – the hero of AFTCW had a new hair-cut. Note the emphasis. But why? Now that calls for serious speculation and my first Gossip give-away to you. We chatted for a while and laughed at some incidents; the origins of which lay in the theatre fraternity. We also attempted to figure out why some actors can’t help projecting pendulumic head movements on stage ! Continue reading

A Funny Thing Called War – The First Blog

“A Funny Thing Called War” is our journey from theater lovers as an audience to actual magicians on stage (or so I hope we grow to become).

Theater has always been an interesting medium of entertainment to all in Tahatto, even before we became Tahatto. But Evam changed the whole perspective and got us hooked on to theater performance and of course them.

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