Full Meals – Tahatto’s new play premieres on October 15th

Tahatto presents Full Meals

– 6 original stories, 6 flavours of life, 1 filling play!
Served hot hot!

Life is not just a box of chocolates. Life is an entire unlimited meal, full of flavours you’ve never tasted before. Some that make you smile, some that make you feel full, some that rekindle an old memory and others that make you want more. Tahatto’s brand new recipe, brings you 6 original short plays about life, about people you’ve met, places you’ve been in love with and incidents you’ve laughed at. All, lovingly cooked with handpicked cliches, juicy idiosyncracies and spicy combinations. No smoaking, Sweet extra, No byetoo service! ;-)

Written by: Tahatto
Duration: 80mins
Venue: Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.
Date and time: 15th Oct (Friday),  8 pm.

For tickets call 988003611 or visit www.indianstage.in

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A Funny Thing Called LIFE – Tahatto’s latest Production

I forget many things: roads, names, enemies, passwords, revenge, bad jokes and so on but I never forget a good story.

I love listening to stories. While I love all kinds of good stories, I feel the funny ones in particular come with a unique advantage. You can share them with most people in most situations and spread the happiness. And I certainly love people who have a gift of narrating these stories most animatedly. Have you ever seen actors telling you their stories? See what I mean?

(Psst Psst… ;-\ all this sweet talk is actually one big strategy. A strategy called “A funny thing called LIFE” which incidentally is also the name of our second production.) So, here is what we thought. To tell you all fun stories. Some in a lighter vein, some in an Aww mode and some ROFALOL sorts. I am told the floor at Kyra is quite sturdy and well maintained so no worries. Fall and roll all you want but don’t hurt your neighbors please. :-). We don’t want any head on collisions. Ahem ! Btw, if you are a naughty kind, you should know what you have to do by now. Hehe. You Devil ! You *are* already thinking ! Ah ! I don’t believe this. I was just “joking”.

Anyway, so like I was saying, this Sunday, you will have us presenting to you 5 skits. Yes, you read it right. You will watch FIVE stories in the form of skits.

Where is all this bad breath coming from suddenly?

Hey ! You ! – in the fluorescent lemon and orange top! Close your Jaw now, please. I understand it is a pleasant surprise but not a grave shock. Thank you.

Damn! These open jaws made me forget something very important that I *had* to say. Umm… Err… Oh yes ! I remember now ! An important announcement: if you have a funny story worth sharing, write to us and it is possible that it may be our next skit ! What’s more, the world will know what an idiot you have been….Oops ! I mean, what an idiot the other person who made the story funny for you has been… I mean, c’mon ! don’t worry, we won’t take your or others’ names (unless you want us to). We will generously take the credit of being stupid and funny and spread the joy! Howzzat?

So, get ready to join the joy ride on:

21 March. 8:30pm. Kyra. Bangalore. Tickets: +91 9901091091

Life is calling. Be there.

Christmas celebrations extended with Tahatto at Kyra

Xtend your Xmas celebrations this year with Tahatto at Kyra, Indiranagar!!

A Funny Thing Called War is back! Catch it  on 27th December’09, 6:30pm onwards.

See you there… Also, follow us on twitter – @tahatto or join the google group, ‘Tahatto Updates’ to always stay updated! Ooops…forgot to mention we are also there on Facebook! :)

A funny thing called war at Kyra

“Serious minds at peace” behind “A Funny Thing called War”.

Fun people are working seriously to put together their *t-h-i-r-d* production of “A Funny Thing Called War”.

“This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers. . . There is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance or death.”

Don’t give me that look. Ofcourse, I did not come up with that line. That’s Sire William Shakespeare for you.

Now here is a chance for me to boast that the cast and crew of Tahatto has grown quite a bit beyond famous quotes, numerology, luck, speculation and all that. The play has won many hearts and has only gotten better. Thanks to all those who came to see the play and also gave us valuable feedback.

We are not as nervous as we were at our first production but the butterflies in the stomach don’t go away that fast and start fluttering everytime we near a production. That ‘feeling’ kind of has begun to show its traces. It feels sweeter though. :-)

While I am the most absent-minded and lost of the Tahatto lot (It could be a compliment, for long I thought! Wow – that rhymes!); the entire crew is all Continue reading