We are taking bigger BABY steps :)

It is nearly a year from the first time we uttered this unique word “Tahatto”.  Strangely, it did not seem weird right from the first time. This year has taught me a lot of things and it is one of those years when every month has something eventful happening.


The initial months for ‘Tahatto’ were filled with fun filled coffee sessions with lot of planning as to where do we spend this new found energy and talent? How do we let the world know that here are a bunch of MAD kids who will fill your room with their laughter and cheer.


Right from timely, unending birthday mail chains to the recent extra-long mail chain for a canceled trip, our mail box history is the proof to the effort each of us has put in to help the group survive. Now,  it is a well-oiled machine or rather a bee-hive, with some work happening all the time and being busy is just another part of our day.

With so much introduction, don’t wonder what the topic would be… its just a proclamation of Continue reading

Welcome to the ‘Gossip’ column of Tahatto

A blog dedicated to Theatre! Is it not partly living a wish? I am so glad that Tahatto is born.

Since a nice maiden script is out, I now feel permitted to place my ramblings in the lap of this blog. YAY!

So, let’s gossip !

The cast of AFTCW was to meet up last evening at 20:00hrs sharp. And guess who amongst all made it on time? Ofcourse ‘Me’ ! Pat, pat. Oh, thanks for the standing applause. You may now park your tushies on your respective seats again and remain alert to what I have to say next. Thank you.

Soon thereafter, Vijay arrived. I noticed that Vijay – the hero of AFTCW had a new hair-cut. Note the emphasis. But why? Now that calls for serious speculation and my first Gossip give-away to you. We chatted for a while and laughed at some incidents; the origins of which lay in the theatre fraternity. We also attempted to figure out why some actors can’t help projecting pendulumic head movements on stage ! Continue reading

A Funny Thing Called War – The First Blog

“A Funny Thing Called War” is our journey from theater lovers as an audience to actual magicians on stage (or so I hope we grow to become).

Theater has always been an interesting medium of entertainment to all in Tahatto, even before we became Tahatto. But Evam changed the whole perspective and got us hooked on to theater performance and of course them.

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