A Funny Thing Called Life

Written by Prashanth Nair

When you're busy living life from one deadline to the next, its sometimes hard to stop and smell the roses... but there's one thing Life has an upper hand on - the unending possibility of laughter that it promises. The problem is... sometimes, you may just end up as the punch line.

Tahatto's A Funny Thing Called Life is a vignette of 6 everyday situations we all encounter; the only difference being that they quickly turn into a twisted, funny joke where you wonder how it came to this.

What makes it special?

These are a collection of Original short plays that have been created by scratch from Tahatto. The vignette includes 'Right Or Left?'' which won 4 Major awards including Best Play at the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival Bengaluru 2013. The short play also was also part of the Vijay Karnataka Theatre Festival 2014.

Previous Performances - 32 shows

Vyoma, Blr - 18th June'18

Classic Orchards, Blr - 15th June'18

The Circular Square, Blr - 17th June'18

Alliance Francaise, Blr - 16th June'18

Digital Ocean, ITC Gardenia, Blr - 6th Apr'18

Atta Galatta, Blr - 17th Mar'18

Lamakaan, Hyd - 9th Feb'18

Atta Galatta, Blr - 23rd Dec'17

Athashri, Blr - 23rd Dec'17

Deccan Herald Theatre Festival 2017, Goethe Institut, Blr - 8th Dec'17

Atta Galatta, Blr - 10th Oct'17

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai - 6th Aug'17

Atta Galatta, Blr - 2nd July'17

Taj Vivanta, Goa - 25th June'17

Taj Vivanta, Blr - 10th July'17

Lahe Lahe, Blr - 9th April'17

Commune Coworks, Blr - 8th April'17

Bangalore Golf Club, Blr - 11th June'16

Atta Galatta, Blr - 20th December'15

Jus'Truf, Blr - 2nd October'15

HummingTree, Blr - 30th September'15

Atta Galatta, Blr - 31st Jan-1st Feb'15

Jus'Truf, Blr - 10th January'15

BeaglesLoft, Blr - 7th December'14

IIHS, Blr - 6th December'14

HummingTree, Blr - 19th November'14

Upcoming Shows

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Alliance Francaise, Chennai


Sat, 17th November - 7pm

ARTery, Chennai


Sun, 18th November - 7pm

Backyard, Chennai


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"I walked out into the rainy evening after the show, sure that Tahatto is a group that I need to watch...and a group that discerning playgoers need to watch, too!"

- Deepa Mohan, Citizen Matters

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A Funny Thing Called Life A Funny Thing Called Life A Funny Thing Called Life A Funny Thing Called Life



Actors Piyush Agarwal
Kalyani Kumar
BadariVishal Kinhal
Prashanth Nair
Vikram Sridhar
Venkatraghavan S.
RJ Jimmy Xavier
Director Prashanth Nair  
Production Manager Jayteerth Katti
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Sounds Namratha Bharadwaj
Actors Piyush Agarwal
Kalyani Kumar
BadariVishal Kinhal
Prashanth Nair
Vikram Sridhar
Rohit Kamath
Director Prashanth Nair  
Production Team Lakshmi Menon
Spoorthi Kinhal
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Sounds Spoorthi Kinhal


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