Bangalores - 7 Lores, 7 Strangers, 1 Band

Written by Prashanth Nair & Badarivishal Kinhal

An orginal performance written by Badarivishal Kinhal and Prashanth Nair from Tahatto, Bangalores is, essentially, lores from Bangalore, woven into music Bangalore has loved, across decades. And it all culminates in a bar where 7 strangers with their own stories and their own lives run into each other and begin to affect each other positively to change both themselves and another person, sparking off a positive loop.

An active collaboration between Retronome - one of Bangalore's most prolific bands, and Tahatto, this play was born out of a desire to have music and theatre as individual performers rather than blending them into each other. With the Band being set in the bar that serves as the convergence of the characters, it allows for a play that makes space for interesting stories and a music performance that come together naturally.

What makes it special?

It's a new unique experience created by fusing the joy of music and excitement of theatre. This is our first ever collaboration with a popular band to create something out of the ordinary.

Previous Performances

Jagriti Theatre, Blr - 23-24th November'13

Next Show

No shows planned yet.

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"An original play, an original concert, an original experience - all rolled into one."

- Tahatto Quote-Unquote

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Actors Anshul Pathak
Vikram Sridhar
Kalyani Kumar
Jimmy Xavier
Venkataraghavan S
Piyush Agarwal
Prashanth Nair
Badarivishal Kinhal
Director Prashanth Nair  
Music Retronome  
Production Head Lakshmi Menon  
Production Team Vikram Sridhar
Piyush Agarwal
Badarivishal Kinhal
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Sounds Badarivishal Kinhal  


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