Written by Gene Brewer

K-Pax, based on the novel 'On a beam of light', is a science-fiction psychological drama that explores human acceptance and how rigidly we hold on to our notions - scientific, moral and spiritual, without allowing space to question those very beliefs. The story is set in a mental institution whose newest patient claims to be an alien from the planet K-Pax. Although the initial prognosis is that he may be living with schizophrenia and multiple-personality syndrome, the story teases without taking a clear stance, nudging the viewer to make for herself/himself if the patient is indeed an alien. Or not. More than being about the possibility of intelligent alien life, the play explores the meaning of believing - in empathy, in acceptance and beyond all, in magic.

What makes it special?

Tahatto's K-PAX is a fun, smart play with generous dollops of psychological drama, science-fiction, and our absolute favourite - 'what ifs'! Do not miss.

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Jagriti Theatre, Blr - 18-20th March'16











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Sat, 9th Apr & Sun, 10th Apr - 7pm

Rangoli Metro, MG Roard

Wed, 13th Apr & Thur, 14th Apr - 7:30pm

RangaShankara, JP Nagar

Sat, 16th Apr - 4pm & 7:30pm

Atta Galatta, Koramangala

Sun, 17th Apr - 4pm & 7:30pm

Alliance Francaise, Vasanth Nagar


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"What if your Patient told you he was an Alien?"


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Actors Mohan Ram
Kalyani Kumar
Pratima Misra
Nikhil Manohar
Sindhu S Murthy
Aditye Nair
Suraj KiranPrashanth Nair
Director Badarivishal Kinhal  
Production Head Piyush Agarwal
Production Team Namratha Bharadwaj
Spoorthi Kinhal
Vikram Sridhar
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Sounds Badarivishal Kinhal


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