Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Written by Steve Martin

What do you think would happen if one evening, in a quaint pub in Paris, Pablo Picasso were to meet Albert Einstein? What if they met each other even before the world knew who they were? And what if you had a chance to find out? Tahatto presents Steve Martin's 'Picasso at the Lapin Agile' - a hilarious yet intellectually stimulating play about art, science, perception, belief and the definition of beauty.

Know Picasso and Einstein like you never have, as their lives merge in a twist of fate. Cubism and Relativity have never been funnier. Throw in a bunch of colourful characters, each with their own quirks, a mysterious visitor from the future, and there you have it - a premise that will make you laugh, ponder, dance and sing!

What makes it special?

Back in 2010, when we staged this play, we were still very new to the art of theatre. As we learnt more, we felt there was a lot more we could do with the play and we worked on it from scratch yet again in 2012. The result was a spectacular set of shows where we pushed our boundaries across all areas especially sets, lights, music, costumes, performances and promotions.

Previous Performances

Jagriti Theatre, Blr - 15-16th December'12

Alliance Francaise, Blr - 13-14th October'12

Alliance Francaise, Blr - 7th-8th May'10

Next Show

No shows planned yet.

Request for the Show

"I walked out into the rainy evening after the show, sure that Tahatto is a group that I need to watch...and a group that discerning playgoers need to watch, too!"

- Deepa Mohan, Citizen Matters

Photo Gallery

Picasso at the Lapin Agile Picasso at the Lapin Agile Picasso at the Lapin Agile Picasso at the Lapin Agile



Actors Deepak Richard
John Machampilly
Kalyani Kumar
Piyush Agarwal
Prashanth Nair
Rijul Ray
Shalini Rao
Siddharth Kumar
Supriyaa Uthaiah
Raghav Srinivasan
Vaisakh Shankar
Director Vaisakh Shankar  
Production Head Remya Rameshan  
Production Team Lakshmi Menon
Tony Xavier
Raagini Lalwani
Vikram Sridhar
Rubaina Unnikamu
Vardhini C.
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Sounds Ashok Vasudevan Remya Rameshan
Actors Anupama K.
Arjun Kumar
Ashwin Avasarala
Lakshmi Menon
Naveen Kumar
Piyush Agarwal
Prashanth Nair
Rubaina Unnikamu
Venkata Das
Vidhu Sudhindran
Vijay S
Director Ashwin Avasarala  
Production Head Janani Kalyanraman  
Production Team Lakshmi Menon
Raagini Lalwani
Smriti Vardhini
Khushboo Balwani
Vikram Sridhar
Rashmi Sharma
Navreet Kaur
Lights Badarivishal Kinhal  
Sounds Ajay Savkoor  


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