Remember Remember

Written by Prashanth Nair

Remember Remember is a set of plays imagined and written as Urban Folktales. Our city spaces, with its rapidly diminishing attention spans, seem to be devoid of stories. Maybe we don't have the time for stories, maybe we'd notice the stories if someone would convert them into memes for us. Or maybe, we don't believe that cities can hide fairytales in plain sight. Remember Remember explores what it means to hold on to our urban stories and fairytales. And sometimes to let them go.

Tahatto's Remember Remember is an original play written by award-winning playwright Prashanth Nair. The play enables Tahatto to explore multiple ways of naratting a story with the help of music, movement, nautaki-style drama and much more. Having been under production for over a year, this play has enabled the team to explore areas it has never dared to in the past. Do watch the show and leave your thoughts below!

What makes it special?

Fairy Tales, Dragons, Furturistic Apps, Music and a lot of Drama! Need we say more?

Previous Performances - 18 Shows

Musuem Theatre, Chennai - 24th Mar'18

Atta Galatta, Blr - 18th Mar'18

Lahe Lahe, Blr - 4th Mar'18

Phoenix Arena, Hyd - 11th Feb'18

Apollo Foundation Theatre, Hyd - 10th Feb'18

Jagriti Theatre, Blr - 26th - 28th Jan'18

Atta Galatta, Blr - 28th & 29th Oct'17

Ranga Shankara, Blr - 11th & 12th Oct'17

Atta Galatta, Blr - 2nd & 3rd Sep'17

Next Show

Sun, 2nd Sep'18 - 4:30pm & 7:30pm

Alliance Francaise, Vasanth Nagar


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"I walked out into the rainy evening after the show, sure that Tahatto is a group that I need to watch...and a group that discerning playgoers need to watch, too!"

- Deepa Mohan, Citizen Matters

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Cast & Crew

Actors Piyush Agarwal
Kalyani Kumar
BadariVishal Kinhal
Prashanth Nair
RJ Jimmy Xavier
Nithya Rao
Ranjitha Sakleshpur
Venkatraghavan S.
Director Prashanth Nair  
Production Team Jay Katti
Manasa Srinivas
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Set Design & Costume Namratha Bharadwaj


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