Romeo & Juliet - No Strings Attached

Written by Prashanth Nair

An original comedy that is built on the premise that we are all bound by strings that hold us back and let us free. A bunch of puppets(actors) come alive in an empty auditorium, after their show has been shut down, and just before they escape to live 'free' lives, decide to enact the play they've been built to perform - William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Only this time, they're doing it for no one but themselves.

What follows is an irreverent play that keeps going off on tangents but keeps coming back to the classical text whether the puppets want it that way or not. It concludes with the thought - are we free only because we think we are - no strings attached.

What makes it special?

Well quite a few things. Firstly, its our first full length original production. Secondly, its our take on a master piece by playwright Shakespeare. And lastly, this play is the winner of The Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award 2012.

Previous Performances

Ranga Shankara, Blr - 12-13th May'15

Shilpakala Vedika, Hyd - 16th Oct'14

Jagriti Theatre, Blr - 16-20th April'14

History of Kerala Museum Festival, Kochi - 10th August'13

Hindu MPTF, Coimbatore - 10th August'13

Hindu MPTF, Chennai - 18th August'13

Ranga Shankara, Blr - 27-28

Jagriti Theatre, Blr - 29-30th June'13

Upcoming Shows

No shows planned yet.

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"For there was never a story of more WOOHOO than this of Juliet and her Romeo"

- Tahatto Quote-Unquote

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Romeo and Juliet - No Strings Attached Romeo and Juliet - No Strings Attached Romeo and Juliet - No Strings Attached Romeo and Juliet - No Strings Attached



Actors Anshul Pathak
Chris Avinash
Kalyani Kumar
Rijul Ray
Shashank Purushotham
Director Prashanth Nair  
Production Head Lakshmi Menon  
Production Team Vikram Sridhar
Piyush Agarwal
Vaisakh Shankar
Lights Lakshmi Menon  
Sounds Vikram Sridhar  


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